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The IMPACT of language LEADERS USE


The Pink Walnut clients, Dutch and international, are ambitious men and women who are responsible for results in business. Leaders who choose to address the root cause of unwanted outcome.

Instead of the next course, inspiring event, hiring consultants, creating the next strategy or changing processes, they transform their language in their favour to successfully inspire others, to get shit done and to lead with power and velocity.

The impact our language actually has on others as well as on ourselves is very difficult to notice by ourselves. Leaders tend to believe their language is effective and they make very clear what needs to be done. A brutal honest look oftentimes shows a different reality. To choose to transform language is to choose growth, both personal as well as in business.

Some examples of results our clients create with the REALM® structure:

- reducing timeframes of executing growth strategies

- increasing sales

- communicate with ease with people who are less driven and ambitious

- work hard without being busy

- stop controlling everything, instead use ownership

- focussing on what is required

- stop procrastination and tolerating, instead respectfully and kindly confront

- saving costs

REALM® consists of proves components and distinctions to easily detect which areas of language cause lack of desired outcome. We work in a direct, no bull shit yet kind and respectful way because we value your and our time. All of our clients create the results they want because of our thorough intake and the logical steps our service has.

So. What's next. As a leader you want to be decisive and if your gut feeling tells you 'this might be what I am looking for', if your interest is sparked, I kindly invite you to contact us and we'll be in touch shortly and we'll take it from there. Send a mail to contact@thepinkwalnut, a message to +31644355027 or request the REALM® infographic via the below form.

Much looking forward to speaking with you, thanking you for your trust and




Elsbeth van Lienden

CEO The Pink Walnut